Engaging with our stakeholders to establish our CSR strategy and priorities

In 2019, Teleperformance further structured the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy by carrying out its first materiality analysis, involving more than 50 internal and external stakeholders in the consultation process.

Through our vision and actions, Teleperformance is committed to social responsibility. The aim of this analysis is to help us prioritize the wide range of CSR challenges we face as a global company.

Most importantly, we want to strengthen dialogue with our stakeholders on CSR, and make sure their expectations are addressed adequately through the Group’s activities and CSR programs. In the future, Teleperformance will keep on engaging in transparent communication with our key stakeholders and partners on such matters, and draw on the insight they provide us on our CSR risks and opportunities to continue improving our value creation for the society.


Overview of the Methodology

Teleperformance conducted its materiality analysis according to the following steps:

- Identification of relevant CSR topics for Teleperformance, considering the specificities of our sector of activity and based on international standards such as ISO 26000, the Global Compact, or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI);

- Interviews with a panel of more than 50 internal and external stakeholders, representative of the Group’s place of activity (India, the Philippines, the United States, EMEA, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico):

-Key stakeholders from all our key regions and countries of operations were asked to assess the importance of each CSR topic for Teleperformance (y-axis).
Key stakeholders included employee representatives, suppliers and work organizations, key clients, advocacy groups (public institutions, NGOs, industry analysts), etc.
In 2019 Teleperformance chose to involve mainly employee representatives—more than 50% of the panel—and to prioritize dialogue with our employees for the first year of assessment;

- Internal management (Executive Management, Global Directors, Regional Management, and Subject Matter Experts) were asked to assess the risk represented by each CSR topic for Teleperformance’s activities (x-axis). Teleperformance consulted with representatives from all key functions in the Group (Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Operations, Information Security, Business Development, Client Management, Finance, and Risk Management), and from corporate level and main geographies;

- Realization of the materiality analysis by Teleperformance’s Corporate Social Responsibility department based on interviews;

- Presentation and validation of the results by Teleperformance’s Executive Committee;

- KPMG confirmed that the materiality analysis performed by Teleperformance was conducted in accordance with the methodological note established under the responsibility of Teleperformance’s CSR direction, and delivered an agreed-upon procedures report regarding this subject in accordance with ISRS 4400. 

Through our vision and actions, Teleperformance is already committed to social responsibility. Check our CSR Vision.

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Through our vision and actions, Teleperformance is already committed to social responsibility. Check our CSR Vision.

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