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Keeping our employees engaged through activities and events creates more room for success, as we believe that happy employees yield excellence.


Teleperformance programs

For Fun Festival

Teleperformance For Fun Festival

At Teleperformance, we nurture a creative atmosphere and believe it is possible to have fun at work. The Teleperformance For Fun Festival (FFF) is a global annual program to revel in our team’s talent, giving them an opportunity to express their artistic skills in art, dance, and music. The For Fun Festival promotes pride in the Teleperformance family and celebrates our cultural diversity.

Sport Club

Teleperformance Sport Club

The Teleperformance Sport Club is a worldwide program promoting sports as a tool for physical well-being and higher quality of life, and motivating our people to play, have fun, and share good moments with their teammates. We care about the health and happiness of our employees, and sports provide a great way to experience healthy activities while celebrating our national and cultural diversity and the incredible talent that is present throughout the global Teleperformance team.

Passion for you

Passion for you

Passion 4U is a worldwide initiative to promote well-being and a higher quality of life by increasing of topics related to good health and minimizing employee stress. Passion 4U reinforces the true meaning of “pride in belonging” bringing a new look to the anti-stress initiatives of Teleperformance Group, including promoting good health, fitness activities and happiness at work.


JUMP! Teleperformance Career Plan

JUMP! is a development program created to identify and prepare high-potential employees to take on leadership positions in the company. The objective is to prepare employees to become leaders: from agents to supervisors, from supervisors to coordinators and, finally, from coordinators to managers. The JUMP! program is based on a training program that offers technical and behavior training, as well as personal development plans.


Teleperformance University

Teleperformance University is a customized college course that transmits culture while gathering and sharing our worldwide best practices and innovative projects in customer relationship and experience management. Our high-potential executives and leading managers have access to TP University, a personalized college course created to develop our future leaders, while ensuring that all of our teams share the same values and perfectly understand our culture. TP University was created to train our business executives in the key subjects related to managing and understanding our core business, as well as to prepare them to implement major changes in our business, totally aligned with our strategic objectives.


Teleperformance Academy

Teleperformance Academy, a place that inspires: to learn, to teach, to grow. Teleperformance Academy is a facility exclusively designed for training initiatives. We give great importance to hiring well and training well. To do so, we’ve established a unique environment that brings out the best in people. It provides the best spaces designed to inspire the transfer of knowledge and stimulate learning. Buildings with bright classrooms, spaces with natural lighting, equipped with individual and modern tools to support the learning process for our people.